Fire and Smoke Detection

Fire and Smoke Detection

Fire Detection Systems:

Firecrest can offer sales and maintenance on the following makes of Fire Alarm Equipment:

Routine maintenance can be performed quarterly, by our certified team of Service Engineers, in accordance with the N.S.A.I Irish Standard for Fire Detection and Alarm in Ireland- I.S. 3218:2013.


Analogue Addressable

Firecrest can supply a range of addressable fire detection systems to meet design specifications. Recognized brands available include, Honeywell, Notifier, Gent, Ziton, Morley, Advanced, Kidde, LPG, Signet, C-TEC, Monicon and Kimessa.

Conventional Systems

For small buildings, Firecrest can provide a cost effective solution consisting of a conventional control and indicating panel and devices.

Advanced Detection:

For those special or difficult environments, Firecrest can offer advanced detection as a solution. Examples would be:

  • High Sensitivity devices for IT and communication rooms,
  • Wireless radio equipment
  • Beam Detection
  • Multi Criteria devices for those areas where ambient conditions may cause un-wanted alarms.
  • ATEX approved Intrinsically Safe and EExd flameproof devices for hazardous areas
  • Flame Detection

Each advanced detection solution has its own unique characteristic’s and uses:

– High Sensitivity:

Laser based air aspiration systems are available for high ceilings such as high bay warehouses, churches, shopping malls or moisture laden cold room warehouses. Also excellent for areas that need high sensitivity smoke detection such as computer rooms, IT rooms or clean rooms with high air movements. Non-laser based unit available for lift shafts or ceiling voids where access is a problem.

– Wireless

For those difficult to wire buildings or where rapid installation is required, Wireless Equipment will act as a solution.

– Beam Detection

A beam detector offers the ideal solution over point detection, for buildings with high ceilings, such as high bay warehouses, Churches or shopping malls.


– Linear Heat Detection (LHD)

LHD is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide variety of fire and heat detection applications, LHD cable is particularly suited for harsh environmental conditions where maintenance access is in a physical or hazardous area and/or where there is a requirement to cost-effectively install fire detection in close proximity to the hazard. 

– ATEX Approved I.S Detection:

The ATEX Optical Smoke Detector is designed for use in hazardous areas and is a removable, high performance smoke detector with twin fire LEDs allowing for 360 degrees viewing. Each detector incorporates a unique high performance chamber technology. The ATEX Smoke Detector has an increased detector threshold level improving the signal to noise ratio and reducing susceptibility to false alarms.

– Flame Detection Systems

UV/IRS (Ultraviolet/Infrared ) flame detector delivers exceptional performance with many distinct functions and features. Two precise spectrums of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by highly tuned sensors for the UV/IRS to initiate a fire condition. This accurate and reliable flame monitoring technology combined with immunity to arc welding, hot body radiation, lightning and sunlight greatly reduces costly false alarms while providing critical safety performance to your site and personnel.

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